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In general, these regulations also apply to traders from EU Member States in Austria.

Price marking in hospitality establishments

Operators of hospitality establishments must have an adequate number of price lists available for the food and drink on offer, and must provide these to customers before they order and, at their request, before they pay.

Operators of hospitality establishments that regularly serve or sell hot food must display a price list next to or near the entrance, which shows the prices of the dishes available.

Exception: this does not apply to smaller businesses if customers are able to view prices on price lists available in a clearly visible location in the dining area.

Hospitality establishments which operate on a self-service basis must display the prices of the food and drink available for consumption by guests in such a way that the average attentive observer could easily read them and attribute them to the correct item. The prices for other food and drink items must be displayed on price lists in a clearly visible location.

Price marking in accommodation establishments

Operators of accommodation establishments must display the price of the accommodation and board in the form of a price list poster or leaflet located in the rooms serving as guest accommodation, with an indication of the scope of the service provided.

If guests of a hospitality establishment are able to make phone calls from non-public payphones, the price of the call is to be calculated based on the metering pulses. In the case of operator switched phone calls, the price is to be calculated based on the metering pulses and any additional administration fees.

Operators of hospitality establishments must display the price per charging unit in the vicinity of the call station provided for guests.

Enterprises affected

Hospitality establishments

Competent authority

The district administrative authorities.German text are responsible for ensuring compliance with this obligation and for initiating administrative penalty proceedings.

Costs and fees

There are no fees and charges payable. 

Further information

The price marking obligation is intended to ensure information is provided to consumers.

Legal bases

section 6 of the Preisauszeichnungsgesetz (PrAG)

Expert information

"Pricing policy" topic ( BMAW) German text

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