Registering through the Business Service Portal Service Centre if you have no other login credentials Step-by-step guide to registering for the first time on behalf of a company or association.

You should register via the Service Centre if:

  • You do not have a digital signature (ID Austria), and would prefer not to get one
  • You do not have a FinanzOnline account for your company, and do not wish to set one up

Please note

The ID Austria is your personal signature on the internet. It is equivalent to a handwritten signature and thus your digital ID on the net.

Activate your ID Austria now! ( A-Trust)

Steps for requesting access to My Business Service Portal ("Mein USP").

  • Documentation

    Make sure you have all the required documents to hand:

    • Official photographic ID (passport, national ID card, driving licence, etc.) for yourself or whoever you plan to nominate as the administrator for the Business Service Portal account
    • Proof of commercial activity (trading licence [Gewerbeschein], extract from the Register of Companies [Firmenbuch], extract from the Supplementary Register of other Affected Parties [Ergänzungsregister sonstiger Betroffener] extract from the Register of Associations [Vereinsregister])
    • A unique identifier for the company (Register of Companies registration number, Central Registry of Associations registration number [ZVR-Zahl], Register of Other Affected Parties registration number, your trading licence number [GISA-Zahl], or your reference number from the Register of Companies)
    • You may also want to provide proof of your authorisation to represent the company (from the Register of Companies), although this is not required for registration.
  • Contact the Service Centre

    Get in touch with the  Business Service Portal (USP) Service Centre. Send them the documentation listed above and explain what you are trying to do.

    Our staff will then send the login details for "Mein USP" to the future account administrator, and an "RSa-Brief" (official letter) to the company's senior management (both documents will be sent to the company's address).

Completing registration once you have the RSa-Brief

  • Forward the activation code

    Once they receive the activation code, the relevant member of senior management should forward it to the administrator for the Business Service Portal account.

    The activation code will be valid for 28 days!

  • Select your administrator

    Select your administrator for the Business Service Portal account

You are now registered on the Business Service Portal.

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Last update: 1 May 2024

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