Medical Doctors – Qualifications – Recognition

General information

In Austria the medical profession may only be exercised on the condition that the general (e.g. sufficient knowledge of German language) and specific prerequisites for medical activity are fulfilled, furthermore registration with the Austrian Medical Chamber is required.

Further information on the prerequisites for medical practice in Austria can be found in the Information sheet Taking up medical activities in Austria ( ÖÄK)German text of the Austrian Medical Chamber.

Medical qualifications issued by an EU or EEA member state or Switzerland in accordance with Professional Qualifications Directive are recognized by the Austrian Medical Chamber.


Medical qualifications issued by an EU or EEA member state or Switzerland

Competent authority

Austrian Medical Chamber
Weihburggasse 10–12
1010 Wien


The application for the recognition of medical qualifications may be submitted in person, by post or by electronic means.

Application forms including information on the required information may be found on the Website of the Austrian Medical Chamber:

The application can also be submitted online:

Preliminary proceedings: formal examination of qualifications, in the case of non-automatic recognition detailed examination of qualifications, if necessary an aptitude test or an adaption period is imposed

Length of Proceedings: up to three months, up to four months in the case of non-automatic recognition

Costs and fees

The Austrian Medical Chamber must issue a confirmation to persons upon request that their professional qualification is recognized in Austria. A processing fee may be charged for issuing this certificate.

In case of non-automatic recognition administrative fees depending on actual effort from 281,82 Euro and 1.830,41 Euro apply (Fees 2024).

Further information

This application is for the profession of:

  • Doctor with basic medical training
  • General practitioner
  • Specialised doctor

Legal bases

Means of redress or appeal

A complaint against a decision may be submitted to the Austrian Medical Chamber within four weeks from the delivery of the decision.

Last update: 1 January 2024

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