Grant assistance for the recruitment of people with disabilities

General information

The Social Services Ministry Service (Sozialministeriumservice – SMS) and the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) provide financial support for employers and sole proprietors with a variety of financial assistance  and support services.

  • Workplace integration assistance (AMS)
  • Inclusion assistance, Inclusion assistance Plus and Inclusion assistance for woman (help with wage costs from the SMS)
  • Inclusion bonus for apprentices (help with wage costs from the SMS)
  • Pay allowance (help with wage costs from the SMS)
  • Job protection allowance (help with wage costs from the SMS)
  • Training and apprenticeship costs (SMS)
  • Barrier-free workplace adaptation allowance for people with disabilities and for companies (SMS)
  • Support services for hard of hearing and deaf people (SMS)
  • Start-up funding for self-employed people (SMS)
  • Multiplier training (disability representatives and  works council members in disability-specific issues – SMS)

Enterprises affected

This is intended for businesses with employees with disabilities.


These rules apply to entrepreneurs from EU Member States in Austria.

Competent authority

Local responsibility is based



  • The application to the Social Services Ministry Service (Sozialministeriumservice – SMS) must be submitted in electronic format. You can do this on the homepage of the Social Services Ministry Service. The application should be well supported, including indication of the branch and should include additional materials (patient findings, cost estimates, concept papers, etc.).
  • The application for grant assistance must be submitted before the realisation of the plans and/or before the purchase of the aid for which the assistance is being sought.
  • No fees are payable.
  • The authorities or the cost bearer to whom the application is submitted will contact all other cost bearers under consideration and gather the required documents.
  • You will be given notice of the result from the review of your application.
  • There are maximum grant limits for all grant assistance.

Further information

Folder "Menschen mit Behinderungen – Ein Plus für Unternehmen" ( AMS)German text

Legal bases

Behinderteneinstellungsgesetz (BEinstG)

Link to form

Social Services Ministry Service − Downloads ( SMS)German text

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Last update: 8 February 2022

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