Hazardous waste – Generation – Registration

General information

Waste producers who generate hazardous waste or waste oils on a recurring basis – at least once a year – must register electronically on edm.gv.at ( BMK) within one month of taking up their activities.

Hazardous waste includes the following, for example:

  • oil contaminated soil
  • railway sleepers
  • hazardous slurries
  • packing materials with harmful contamination
  • used oil containers
  • batteries
  • neon tubes
  • solvents
  • contaminated metals

A precise list of the types of waste ( BMK)German text that are considered to be hazardous waste can be found in the current waste directory of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.

If a primary producer of hazardous waste only produces waste oils, the registration obligation only applies from an annual quantity of 200 litres.

No registration is necessary for non-hazardous waste. However, original producers of non-hazardous waste can register voluntarily in the ZAReg master data register ("voluntary registration").

Enterprises affected

Original waste producers who repeatedly – a minimum of once a year – generate hazardous waste or waste oils (for the latter, starting from an annual quantity of at least 200 litres) and started their activity after 12 July 2007.


In general, these rules also apply for companies from other countries, e.g. EU Member States that have their registered office or (waste producing) branches in Austria.


An obligation to register exists in the following cases:

  • repeatedly – a minimum of once a year – generated hazardous waste or waste oils (for the latter, starting from an annual quantity of at least 200 litres)
  • started their activity after 12 July 2007


The registration must take place within a month of starting the activity.

Competent authority

The → govenorGerman text


Registration on edm.gv.at ( BMK) is carried out in two steps: first, a registration request is created. After receiving the access data to the EDM, the waste producer must log into the EDM and complete the data. In particular, the locations from which waste is transferred to authorised persons must be recorded in the register.

Information required for the registration request:

  • Name
  • Address
  • if required, company registration number, association registration number or supplementary registration number
  • (These numbers must be included in the registration request and not be subsequently added or changed!)
  • Branch code (four-digit)
  • Contact address including email address and name of a contact person

After sending the registration request, the waste producer is given an ID number (personal GLN) and the personal access data to the register. With this access data, the waste producer must then sign into the register again and complete the addresses of the locations (e.g. business premises) from which hazardous waste is handed over to another legal entity.

Please note

Registration is not complete until the company has logged into the edm.gv.at ( BMK) using the access data provided to it and the above data has been entered in full in the register. When registering, each recorded location is also assigned an identification number.


Any changes to the data entered in the register must be reported online via the register within one month; the same applies if the activity is stopped.

Required documents

No specific documents are required.


It is recommended that you keep the extract from the companies register and the classification notification from Statistik Austria (four-digit branch code) to hand when creating the registration request.

Costs and fees

No fees or charges are payable.

Further information

The assigned identification number (GLN) must be stated in the dispatch note as an identification number of the waste holder when transferring hazardous waste. The priority here is the applicable location GLN for the location from which the hazardous waste is delivered.

Further links

Legal bases

section 20 of the Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz (AWG) (Waste Management Act)

Link to form

For electronic registration, see edm.gv.at ( BMK)German text.

Entrepreneurs registered on the USP are able to make use of this and many other online procedures with a single sign-in to the USP. More detailed information about registering with the USP can be obtained from the online advisor for USP registrationGerman text.

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Last update: 22 January 2024

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