Used electrical appliances

Electric and electronic appliances include all those which

  • are powered by electrical current or electromagnetic fields, or
  • produce, transmit or measure electrical current

if they can be operated with a maximum of 1,000 Volts AC or 1,500 Volts DC.

The objectives of the legal regulations are

  • to prevent or reuse waste from electrical and electronic appliances,
  • to collect separately a minimum of 65 percent of appliances sold,
  • to limit the use of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic appliances.

For manufacturers and importers of electrical appliances, extended manufacturer obligations apply (e.g. they should be constructed in a particularly recycling-friendly manner) and substance bans (e.g. electrical and electronic appliances are only permitted to contain a certain quantity of heavy metals).

In addition to this, take-back obligations for used electrical and electronic appliances by manufacturers, importers and final distributors (traders) are also legally prescribed.


In general, these rules also apply for traders from EU Member States that have their registered office in Austria.

In Annex 1a of the Elektroaltgeräteverordnung, you will find appliance categories with examples and exceptions (e.g. car radios, electrically adjustable beds).

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Legal basis

Elektroaltgeräteverordnung (EAG-VO)

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